About Whitening Dress Natural White Milky Skin

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About Whitening Dress Natural White Milky Skin

YUUAKI Whitening Dress Natural White Milky Skin

Giving you immediately and progressively brightening effect and more radiant complexion.

Contains the premium ingredients selected deliver from Hokkaido,JAPAN where is the one an excellent source of natural ingredients in the world as Hokkaido milk Extract, Placenta Extract, various of botanical extracts ,Lavender, Rosemary leaf, Citrus lemon peel and Arbutin Plus SPF 35 PA+++ help to improve a beautiful skin appear whiter, brighter ,healthier, smoother & look youthful day by day.
However, with continuous use, your skin will appear visibly reduced of dark spots and freckles age spots or blemishes & improve the skin pigment with the functional of the premium whitening dress & the best natural ingredients.
DOES NOT contain any hydroquinone, mercury, steroids or other harmful bleaching substances.

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